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How it Started

Maxfield's Mildred MirabelWe've always loved bulldogs. Maybe it was that Captain
and Tennille thing in the '70s, but for as long as I can remember,
we've always loved them.

Mildred was our first and she will always be special to
us. Maxfield's Mildred Mirabel really hooked us. Up until
then we had had Labs and just didn't know any better.

So now we raise, exhibit and love our bulldogs. All are AKC
registered. We invite you to take a look around to see some
of our bullies on these pages. 

Currently our kennel consists of: Dahlia, Cinnabun, Myldryd and  Misty our Great Dane. Please follow the camera link to watch live video from the baby bull-pen. (This link is seasonal and may not always be online.)